Facilitator Fellowship
6 month initial appointment (with possible renewal)


  • Reports to the director

  • 10-20 hours a week committed to Paul Artspace

  • Has dependable transportation (car/truck)

  • general maintenance to property

  • respond to other resident’s needs

  • helps maintain social media presence

  • other programmatic assistance

  • work with, and directs Paul Artspace interns

Expectation details: The property

  • General oversight of property and conditions, reporting any issues to the director

  • Basic housekeeping and weekly trash/recycle removal

  • Basic groundskeeping, including mowing grass bi-weekly during the growing season

  • Light maintenance and handy work as needed

  • Availability for contractor access

  • contributes to group projects/installations/work day at the residency

Expectations details: Support of other residents

  • Answer questions, provide directions, and local recommendations

  • Provide occasional transportation (no more than once weekly)


  • Rent free living/studio space (private bedroom/bathroom and studio). Other living space is communal with other residents, i.e., kitchen, laundry, library, tool shop, print shop, living room.

  • $500 stipend per 6 months (prorated to reflect period of fellowship)

  • Introduction to Paul Artspace’s network/professional development assistance

  • Other opportunities suited to the fellow’s goals