Paul Artspace serves as a platform for creative exchange and impact. It is located on a beautiful and serene six acres in north St. Louis County. Since opening in July 2013, Paul Artspace has hosted more than 40 local, national, and international artists, writers, and curators in various stages of their careers. Selected applicants are provided housing and studio space for a period of 1 to 3 months. Residents enjoy a private room, private studio space, communal kitchen and bath, and access to the tool room, wood shop, library, and etching press. The facilities at Paul Artspace permit for up to 3 individuals to work and live on the property, and this scheduling occurs on a rolling basis.

Our Mission

Paul Artspace is a residency program based in St. Louis, Missouri that offers living and studio space for local, national, and international artists, writers, and curators. Through providing time and space, Paul Artspace promotes thoughtful discourse and artistic exchanges within the greater cultural community.


Board of Directors/members

  • Michael Behle, Executive Director
  • David Johnson, Board Chairperson
  • Christy Hoffmann, Treasurer
  • Chris Lucas
  • Alena Ahrens

Resident's Feedback

At Paul Artspace you stand right and straight in the middle of the country and the city, the suburbs and the river. You are free to be here or there, empowered by people’s energy. Or you can stay still and quiet with your mind and the great house.
— Hélène Baril (Paris, France)
There are few places in the world where one can get as far out of and into one’s self at the same time. Paul Artspace served that purpose for me, and I can’t wait to go back.
— Chris Fahrenthold (St. Louis, Missouri)
Imagine a place where you can spend time with only yourself, where you find answers you always looked for, where nature helps you breathe, where inspiration is in each leaf, where everything is possible. Paul Artspace is a place where magic happens.
— Ewa Budka-Brewer (Brooklyn, New York)