Stuttgart Press Release Award Announcement

Jury Statement

The jury would like to thank everyone that submitted applications for the 2019 Stuttgart exchange. The submissions were

thoughtfully and respectfully examined numerous times by each juror and we are grateful for the time, effort, and detail each

applicant put into their proposals. The selection process was very difficult due to the quality of the submissions.

Through this process, the jury found that the proposals that resonated the most were driven by a personal motivation to create

work in our sister city and represent Saint Louis. Proposed themes in the work such as family history and personal relationships

seemed to emerge as having wonderful possibilities when explored through this opportunity.

After a thoughtful discussion, it became clear that Jessie Donovan’s proposal demonstrated a strong and honest desire to explore,

experiment and embrace the personal ideas motivating her work while remaining open and receptive to this unfamiliar environment.

The combination of intent and possibility contained in her proposal inspired the jury and we look forward to following along with

her research in Stuttgart, which promises to make an impact on her practice. Congratulations to Jessie!

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St. Louis - Stuttgart 2019 Awardee

stuttpas2019We are pleased to announce our 2019 Sister Cities St. Louis - Stuttgart awardee, Jessie Donovan.Jessie plans to develop her project that she says is, "Examining the cultural and historical differences between Europe and Africa and my place between and within the two continents. Germany and Kenya are the two international locations in which I have spent the most time and visiting these places have influenced the way I see myself and my place within the world."We'd like to thank all applicants of this year's residence exchange and their wonderful statements. Please stay connected with Paul Artspace as we announce other residence program opportunities in the future.