Ewa Budka Exit Interview (2014)

Ewa and Mike Behle discus Ewas' work, along with her observations about life far away from home.

Ewa Budka Mokulito Lithgraphy Research (2014)

Ewa presents a detailed description of her research of the Mokulito Lithography process.

Reflections of Paul (2014)

The above audio file (recorded by Brett Williams and Lauren Cardenas) was a component in thePXSTL project, that Paul Artspace was invited to do in conjunction with the Pulitzer Foundationfor the Arts, in the summer of 2014. The project, titled Reflections with Paul created an environment suited for relaxation, and contemplation. Sound, hammocks, and photographic elements, all inspired and/or captured at Paul Artspace were used in the event.

Carl Giffney and Andreas Kindeler Von Knobloch (2013)

Carl and Andreas hold forth with their impressions and experiences as residents of Paul Artspace and Middle America.